About Us

About Us

We are known for the company we keep.


Vegazva is an Engineering Solutions, IT & Staffing Solutions Company. We chose these two areas of focus as they are very synergistic with almost similar business models. We are focused on the engineering sector with both Engineering Solutions and IT Solutions. Not that we don’t serve the other sectors, but our offerings for the engineering sector are comprehensive.

Vegazva (Vega-azva) is a coined name combining the two Sanskrit words (Vega meaning speed and Ashwa meaning horse). The name implies the speed and strength of a well-bred horse and reflects the personality of the organization. The company adopted its Tagline, “We Walk The Talk” right from day one, and imbibed this in our culture resulting in nearly a decade of high customer satisfaction.

Vegazva has primarily three engineering services, namely Plant Design, Product Design, and Structural Design & Detailing. In the area of information technology, we have two areas, namely Enterprise Solutions for Engineering Companies including PLM and Custom Applications Development for small and medium businesses. We earned our clients through our commitment to quality, cost, and delivery.

Our Staffing Solutions became a very strong practice as we started working with our clients in Time and Material model in addition to fixed bid projects. Vegazva today operates in North America, India, and EMEA region with our office in Chicago. Our primary delivery centre for offshore projects is based out of Gurugram near Delhi, India.

Our People and Our Clients:

Vegazva employs highly competent and competitive engineers and professionals to assure that our clients get the best output for each of their projects that no other similar company can offer. Our people coupled with very strong internal systems and practices, highly automated processes that are certified by global institutions like TUV, give us an edge over the competition. At the same time, our agility enables us to integrate into the client-driven systems at the same time. Perhaps that’s why we are able to keep our people and thus clients.

Vegazva - Engineering Services Company

Why Work With Us:

Success is through people. We hire excellent people and then continuously invest in them to ensure that our people stay ahead. Vegazva is an Equal Opportunity Company.

We are a knowledge company and strive to bring the best out of our people. We invest in our people through training, exposure to various learning opportunities, and a free and conducive environment for the right people to become excellent professionals. If you are ambitious and willing to be in the company of people who inspire and challenge you at the same time, Vegazva is the place for you.

Our Global Management Cadre (GMC) and Graduate Engineer (GET) programs are designed to attract the best entry-level potentials and groom them to be future leaders.

However, as a growing organization, we also hire people at a mid-level and senior-level through lateral hiring.

Careers and Opportunities


Our Vision

“Quality Comes First”

  • To be global organization leveraging knowledge-based Competitive advantage.
  • To provide our clients world class services and consultancy to help them stay competitive.
  • Command respect for best ethical practices, knowledge and competence from clients and peers in the industry.
  • To be the quality benchmark in industry and peer group.
  • To maintain high standards of health and safety.
  • Value creation for all stakeholders.
  • To contribute to global environment improvement.


Our Mission

“We Aim for the Top”

  • Growth, quality, and profitability to be the keywords of all our activities.
  • Timely delivery and cost competitiveness to drive growth and profitability.
  • To be a partner of choice for the customer, employees and associates.



“Innovation in the Field of Engineering”

  • Walk the talk.
  • Transparency with an internal and external customer.
  • Focus on forging strong, long-term relationship, with our clients.
  • People are our greatest assets.Equal opportunity employer.
  • World class system and practices.
  • Enrich human capital.
  • Profit sharing with employees.
  • Contribute to society

Certifications & Recognitions

Being customer focused, over time, we have received longstanding appreciation and aiming at the strong growth in the future. We, a full-service company, trusted by fortune 500 companies and earned our clients through our commitment to quality, cost, and delivery.

  • Vegazva - Engineering Services Company - Certification
  • Vegazva - Engineering Services Company - Certification
  • Vegazva - Engineering Services Company - Certification

Why Choose Us

Well done is better than well said.
– Benjamin Franklin

Believing in the phrase, adopting it as our tagline and imbibing it in our culture resulted in nearly a decade of high customer satisfaction. On one hand, very strong internal system and practices, certified by global institutions provide us an edge over our competition. On the other hand, our boutique size and approach gives us the ability to integrate into the client driven system.

  • We believe in delivering something great not only as a service but also as an experience.
  • We work on user experience model.
  • We listen to your requirements.
  • Your success is our success.

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