How to select the right offshore structural steel detailing services partner?

Many engineering companies across the globe have been implementing the offshore outsourcing model to carry out the design & detailing work. The most important benefit behind this offshore model is to save the overhead costs associated with the business.  Moreover, this model is prevalent in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry segment. The steel fabricators in the USA which are outsourcing a major part of steel detailing project work in India.

It is very important to have a proper planning  and pre-evaluation phase to outsource any project especially design, detailing and estimation work. If you are planning to implement the same model or already implemented, please make sure to choose a right vendor. The success of your steel detailing project usually depends on various parameters like communication matrix, turnaround time.


Below can be the checklist to select the right steel detailing partner for your company:

  1. Evaluate that the vendor has all the valid legal licenses of detailing software such as Tekla, SDS2, Advance Steel, etc.
  2. Perform a detailed check on the vendor’s credentials, the processes & certifications it claims to possess.
  3. Ensure that your vendor follows all the detailing standards

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