Best Tips to create an Effective Resume

Working in the staff augmentation industry from more than a decade now, we know the role of a resume. In general, our recruitment team goes through pile of the resumes on the daily basis. When working on the clients’ or internal talent needs, a hiring manager always look for an effective resume. So, it is imperative to create an effective resume to stand out from the pile of the candidates.

Resume building process can be puzzling sometimes and can create confusion for the job seekers. A good set of resume contains different set of keywords which attracts the hiring managers. In reality, it’s very difficult to provide a single source of truth to create an effective resume. As resume building process varies with the industries. For an example, in a creative industry the resume needs to be more creative. In an Engineering field, resume has to be around the technical projects, software, etc.

Top Tips to create an Effective Resume:

  1. Start with your career summary –  Many times, candidates starts their resume with the career objective. In fact, hiring managers are more concerned about the career or professional summary of a candidate. It creates a good  highlight of your professional journey and it becomes easy for the hiring managers to know you better.
  2. Keep it short – Hiring can access more than a million resumes, all thanks to digital technology. While on talent hunt, organizations are in a hurry to get a new candidate on board especially in the large organizations. Making your resume long can bored a hiring manager and reduces your selection chances.
  3. Avoid generic words – Avoid using the overused words like ‘hardworking’, ‘team-player’, ‘smart’, etc. This will not catch the eyes of the hiring managers.
  4. Be genuine – Don’t lie with the things that you haven’t performed in the past. It will definitely be caught once hiring managers interview you either on call or face-to-face.
  5. Don’t just copy the Job Description – While applying to any job it’s better to read the job description thoroughly. Going through the job description gives you an idea about the requirement of hiring managers. But imitating the content from the job description creates a very bad impact. Try to understand the right keywords and mention accordingly.
  6. Highlight the important skill-sets – Always highlight the important skillets while applying for any particular job.
  7. Mention Achievements – Try to mention your achievements during your professional tenure. Stick to the points which can affect the job you are applying. For example: If you have been “employee of the year or quarter”, do mention this achievement along with the reason. This can help you to stand out from the crowd while hunting for a new job.
  8. Mention the important points first – Start your resume with the important points which are typically mentioned as the requirements section of any job description. For example: It can be the year of experience or the qualification summary.
  9. It should be readable and printable – Make sure that the resume has to be in the readable and printable format.

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