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Vegazva: A Great Place to Work

Learning and Development:

At Vegazva, we strongly believe the great work is delivered through our people and their knowledge. That’s why we endeavor the learning & development of our people at each phase of their career journey at Vegazva. We ensure that the learning & development path of our people starts right from the day of joining.

The sky is the limit: Grow beyond your Comfort Zone

Here, at Vegazva every day is like a new day with new challenges.

Customized induction plans accelerate the growth of our people to become future leaders.

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Best Tips to create an Effective Resume


Working in the staff augmentation industry from more than a decade now, we know the role of a resume. In general, our recruitment team goes through pile of the resumes on the daily basis. When working on the clients’ or internal talent needs, a hiring manager always look for an effective resume. So, it is imperative to create an effective resume to stand out from the pile of the candidates.

Resume building process can be puzzling sometimes and can create confusion for the job seekers. A good set of resume contains different set of keywords which attracts the hiring managers. In reality, it’s very difficult to provide a single source of truth to create an effective resume. As resume building process varies with the industries. For an example, in a creative industry the resume needs to be more creative. In an Engineering field, resume has to be around the technical projects, software, etc.

Top Tips to create an Effective Resume:

  1. Start with your career summary –  Many times, candidates starts their resume with the career objective. In fact, hiring managers are more concerned about the career or professional summary of a candidate. It creates a good  highlight of your professional journey and it becomes easy for the hiring managers to know you better.
  2. Keep it short – Hiring can access more than a million resumes, all thanks to digital technology. While on talent hunt, organizations are in a hurry to get a new candidate on board especially in the large organizations. Making your resume long can bored a hiring manager and reduces your selection chances.
  3. Avoid generic words – Avoid using the overused words like ‘hardworking’, ‘team-player’, ‘smart’, etc. This will not catch the eyes of the hiring managers.
  4. Be genuine – Don’t lie with the things that you haven’t performed in the past. It will definitely be caught once hiring managers interview you either on call or face-to-face.
  5. Don’t just copy the Job Description – While applying to any job it’s better to read the job description thoroughly. Going through the job description gives you an idea about the requirement of hiring managers. But imitating the content from the job description creates a very bad impact. Try to understand the right keywords and mention accordingly.
  6. Highlight the important skill-sets – Always highlight the important skillets while applying for any particular job.
  7. Mention Achievements – Try to mention your achievements during your professional tenure. Stick to the points which can affect the job you are applying. For example: If you have been “employee of the year or quarter”, do mention this achievement along with the reason. This can help you to stand out from the crowd while hunting for a new job.
  8. Mention the important points first – Start your resume with the important points which are typically mentioned as the requirements section of any job description. For example: It can be the year of experience or the qualification summary.
  9. It should be readable and printable – Make sure that the resume has to be in the readable and printable format.

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Why CAD Data Migration is important in Product Development & Design Projects?


In the earlier times the representation of the drawings were a difficult task. As to showcase the drawings ranging from a small set to the larger set, product designers had to go through a difficult time. Thus, the CAD technology came into an existence to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of designs. With the introduction of the CAD environment the things have become very intuitive, interactive and easy to represent. Now comes about CAD data migration, when the technology changes the project drawings have to be compatible accordingly.

Also, the process of data digitization comes under the data migration umbrella i.e. changing two dimensional drawings to three dimensional. CAD migration not only helps to access the right data at right time but also accelerate the product development process by saving time and resources.

Importance of CAD Data Migration in Product Development & Design Projects:

The migration of the CAD data has become vital especially in this complex manufacturing environment. In today’s scenario where any manufacturing company including tier-1, 2, 3 OEMs are dealing with loads of CAD data. These companies are also dealing with their vendors at different project stages. Now it becomes imperative for the companies to stay updated to their vendors as well as dealers with the latest design information. Here comes the importance of CAD data migration.

Let’s take an example of company “X” which manufactures shock absorber for the automotive, industrial equipment and other relative industries. The shock absorber has various product configuration and for the smooth translation of these configurations, internal team has to certainly remain in the unified environment. This will help the team to update the product development project with the seamless flow of technical information and resources. Thus leading to the efficient way of project management and adopting a single source of truth.

Also, if the X is working with 20 different vendors, working on different product configurations. Then at times, X has to maintain the technology which is not supported by it’s vendors just to retain its legacy data. This will create a sheer situation of creating a huge business investment. In such situations, data migration will definitely be a good scope to cover to reduce the time-to-market of the products.

Various Software Platforms used for Data Migration in the market:

CAD migration can be preformed in various software platforms from the different software companies in the market like Siemens, Dassault Systemes, Intergraph, Bentley, Autodesk, etc. Below mentioned is the few software which can perform the data migration activities:

  2. Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD
  3. Siemens NX
  4. Intergraph CADWorx
Top measures to consider during Data Migration Process:
  1. Various quality parameters to set for smooth transition process
  2. Proper skill distribution in various software platforms
  3. Right use of project management methodology among various product engineering team
  4. Complete audit of the independently managed raw data both in 2D and 3D formats
About us: Vegazva Product Engineering is a leading design engineering solutions provider company serving clients across the globe. We have the capabilities in the product design, New Product Design, Design Modifications and many more. Read more about our Product Engineering Solutions here.
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How Steel Fabricators save the overheads costs of their construction projects?


With the booming construction sector the demand for faster and efficient Steel Detailing is also increasing accordingly. To meet the increasing steel detailing delivery targets many fabrication companies in the US are implementing the outsourcing model. Adopting outsourced steel detailing business model significantly reduces the overall projects costs.

By outsourcing the steel detailing services, a fabricator can save on the following overheads costs.

  1. License cost: The license cost is a bit challenge for any company and bearing expenses. By outsourcing to the country like India & China the license cost is bit less.
  2. Steel Detailer Cost: The hourly rate of the steel detailer varies within the countries. By outsourcing the detailing work to countries with low hourly rate can benefit the fabricator.Get a quote of your steel detailing project within 24-48 hours. Write to us at
  3. Extra Expenses: By outsourcing the detailing work fabricator saves on all the extra expenses of medical insurance, PTO, vacation, etc.
  4. Faster Delivery: To meet the schedule of the project employees need to be paid overtime by hours. By outsourcing it to a country like India, the project works during the night while the US team resolves the issue during the day leading to a faster turnaround.

>>The Architectural and Construction industry is one of the growing and dynamic industry worldwide<<

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How to select the right offshore structural steel detailing services partner?


Many engineering companies across the globe have been implementing the offshore outsourcing model to carry out the design & detailing work. The most important benefit behind this offshore model is to save the overhead costs associated with the business.  Moreover, this model is prevalent in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry segment. The steel fabricators in the USA which are outsourcing a major part of steel detailing project work in India.

It is very important to have a proper planning  and pre-evaluation phase to outsource any project especially design, detailing and estimation work. If you are planning to implement the same model or already implemented, please make sure to choose a right vendor. The success of your steel detailing project usually depends on various parameters like communication matrix, turnaround time.


Below can be the checklist to select the right steel detailing partner for your company:

  1. Evaluate that the vendor has all the valid legal licenses of detailing software such as Tekla, SDS2, Advance Steel, etc.
  2. Perform a detailed check on the vendor’s credentials, the processes & certifications it claims to possess.
  3. Ensure that your vendor follows all the detailing standards

About Vegazva Steel Detailing Services: We provide quality structural steel detailing for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC).

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Top 5 benefits to work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner


Today companies in every industry face large amount of hiring challenges when it comes to the different level of skill-sets. In order to stand out from the crowd and to match the projects’ deadline on time, one must understand the benefits of working with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. An RPO helps the organization to achieve the various talent acquisition goals.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can help an organization in many ways – starting from a simple hire to the total management of the recruitment functions. Surprisingly, more and more companies are opting this RPO business model to speed up the HR business functions. More companies these days are considering this model as a long term strategy to increase the performance. RPO is involved in any organization in such a manner that it works beyond finding the various job portals.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnership:

  1. Increase in the hiring process
  2. Quality talent
  3. Significant reduction in the cost of hire
  4. Complete tracking and real-time reporting
  5. Strong talent pool


When you need the right people to succeed for your Engineering & IT technical projects, we support you with short-term, seasonal, high-volume and niche contract requirements. Click here to learn about our technical staffing services, and how we deliver the right people quickly.


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